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When it comes to video in the real estate business, Malibu real estate broker Bill Kerbox has a way of thinking outside of the box.

Before the crackdown on commercial and consumer drones by the Federal Aviation Administration last year, Kerbox used their ability to gather video from unique perspectives to show potential buyers a fuller picture of their possibly soon-to-be Malibu homes.

Alex Vejar

As the organizer of Malibu’s Dry Gulch Theatre of Anarchy, Tommi Trudeau’s Monday evenings are filled with entertainment in the most unexpected of places.

“You can get up there and tell us what you had for lunch if you want to,” Trudeau said, laughing. 

“And we’ll sit there and think, ‘Hmmm, delicious! But I shouldn’t be eating that,’” added Trish Van Devere, Dry Gulch Theatre member and seasoned actress. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu resident Karen Smythe is celebrating the release of her first children’s book, “Fredrick the Butterfly.”
Although set for full release on July 21, copies can be purchased directly from Christian-based publisher, Tate Publishing.
Smythe didn’t want to give away the story, but said it was inspired when she and her young daughters rescued a butterfly from the Jersey Shore 25 years ago.

Chris Bashaw

After a 10-year legal dispute, a hotly contested Carbon Beach accessway is officially open to the public.

In the 1980s, before Malibu was incorporated as a city, the California Coastal Commission issued two development permits to Lisette and Norman Ackerberg, allowing for the construction of a house, pool, tennis court, and a 140-foot long seawall on the couple’s Carbon Beach properties. The permit required dedication of a public pathway to the beach as a condition of construction. The house was built, the beach access was not. 

Alex Vejar

The sign welcoming visitors to Malibu describes this stretch of rugged coast and its dramatic mountain backdrop as “27 miles of scenic beauty.” To earthquake researcher Robert de Groot, the landscape of the Santa Monica Mountains isn’t a peaceful picture postcard. Instead, it tells a story of violent geologic upheaval. 

Alex Vejar

Tony Barrera was born in Lyons, Kansas in 1964 and moved to Malibu with his family in 1973 where he spent his childhood/teenage years growing up. Tony played baseball for Malibu Little League and was a great and still talked about catcher. He loved surfing, film making and had a great passion for playing the drums. In Tony’s teenage years, he worked at Trancas Restaurant and The SandCastle as a cook and would be known in later years for his amazing culinary talents. 

Ashleigh Fryer

While the Malibu Arts Festival enjoyed its 44th anniversary on July 25, several artists in the fray of tents, food trucks and art enthusiasts introduced themselves to the community for the first time. 

Cameron Jordan, an abstract painter and photographer by profession, shared her thoughts on being a first-timer at the festival.  

Alex Vejar

Malibu resident Josh Waldbaum looked down at the Rolex watch clasped to his wrist one day in 2008. Just days before, the item served as a testament to his success as a private fitness trainer, his social status and his worth. It was now worthless to him.

“I had no job, I had nowhere to live and I had about $100 in the bank,” Waldbaum said. “I thought, ‘All this watch does is tell time. I’ll make my own watch.’”

Ashleigh Fryer

“His was a voice that had its own footnotes,” Douglas Kmiec, Our Lady of Malibu parishioner, said with a laugh that reverberated through the crowd that filled the movie theater, as his fellow parishioners and neighbors watched Kmiec on screen at the premier of “Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan,” a film documenting OLM’s Mongsignor, the late John V. Sheridan. 

Ashleigh Fryer
In one month, real estate platform adds 45 top LA agents.
Alex Vejar