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Malibu attorney and resident Paul Shoop passed away peacefully on May 16 at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. He was 67 years old. Paul was a loving father and will be missed by his wife of 32 years, Lee, and his six children. 

Chris Bashaw

As the organizer of Malibu’s Dry Gulch Theatre of Anarchy, Tommi Trudeau’s Monday evenings are filled with entertainment in the most unexpected of places.

“You can get up there and tell us what you had for lunch if you want to,” Trudeau said, laughing. 

“And we’ll sit there and think, ‘Hmmm, delicious! But I shouldn’t be eating that,’” added Trish Van Devere, Dry Gulch Theatre member and seasoned actress. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Heather Gardner can still remember the signature piece of jewelry that encouraged her to consider making her jewelry designing hobby a full-time job.

“One night at a springtime dinner party back in 2006, I was wearing a statement piece that had gold chain, smoky quartz gemstones, and an abalone pendant,” the Malibu resident said. “A friend who was attending my party noticed my necklace and loved it. She had seen other pieces that I had designed and worn around previously, and that night encouraged me to put some time and money into my then-hobby.

Chris Bashaw

After a 10-year legal dispute, a hotly contested Carbon Beach accessway is officially open to the public.

In the 1980s, before Malibu was incorporated as a city, the California Coastal Commission issued two development permits to Lisette and Norman Ackerberg, allowing for the construction of a house, pool, tennis court, and a 140-foot long seawall on the couple’s Carbon Beach properties. The permit required dedication of a public pathway to the beach as a condition of construction. The house was built, the beach access was not. 

Alex Vejar

Ciara, Amber and Jade Collins sat silent in the car. Palpable anxiety filled the air between the triplets — a staunch contrast from the chorus of laughs, shouts and bubbly conversations that usually characterized their car rides together. 

Halfway through their senior year at Malibu High School, the girls were on their way to take the ACT for the first time; a test that would make or break their college applications.

Chris Bashaw

Storm drains are those slits along the side of the road that make people who are texting grip their cell phones a little tighter as they walk by.

They’ve probably swallowed more bouncy balls, keys, coins and small toys than anyone can count, but storm drains consume far more than the things we wish to hold on to.

Ashleigh Fryer

A 29-year-old man was prounounced dead at Zuma Beach on Sunday, July 11, said Kenichi Haskett, ocean lifeguard captain in the lifeguard division of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

At approximately 3:45 p.m., four people were caught in an ocean rip current between Zuma towers 8 and 9. Lifeguards already in the water attempted to rescue them, Haskett said. 

The 29-year-old man began flailing in the water, an indication he did not know how to swim, Haskett said. He was submerged seconds later, Haskett said. 

Alex Vejar

Malibu resident Karen Smythe is celebrating the release of her first children’s book, “Fredrick the Butterfly.”
Although set for full release on July 21, copies can be purchased directly from Christian-based publisher, Tate Publishing.
Smythe didn’t want to give away the story, but said it was inspired when she and her young daughters rescued a butterfly from the Jersey Shore 25 years ago.

Chris Bashaw

Inspired by their worldly travels and a friendship that has lasted more than a decade, Malibu resident Chelsea Bulte and Kristin Cavallari recently partnered together to launch jewelry line Emerald Duv.

“I had been doing jewelry for awhile and Kristin said, ‘I want to do something with you – let’s join forces,’” Bulte said.

The two friends met while dating guys who were best friends about 11 years ago. After those relationships ended, Bulte and Cavallari remained friends.

Chris Bashaw

The second annual Malibu Guitar festival will rock Malibu April 28-May 1 with a lineup of nationally recognized and acclaimed artists who will perform in the city with 27 miles of scenic beauty.

The four-day festival, presented by D ‘Angelico Guitars, launches with an opening fundraiser 6:30 p.m.-midnight on April 28 at Casa Escboar Malibu. Last year, the inaugural fundraiser raised more than $30,000 for Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, Little Kids Rock and the Malibu Special Education Foundation.

Alex Vejar