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Local realtor of 27 years Jeff Chertow opened Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc. in the Malibu Colony Shopping Center on May 17 to “focus on what’s best for our clients, our community and our agents.”

Chertow, who served as the manager of another Malibu agency for 13 years, created Pinnacle as an “agent-centric company, which prides itself on being very supportive of not only the local community, but also its agents.”

Chris Bashaw

In the fall of 2008 a group of disenchanted middle schoolers sat in Gene Bream’s seventh-grade world history class, rolling their eyes at his lecture on ancient China. 

Emily Shane’s hand shot in the air from the second seat of the first row in the classroom, where she sat every afternoon. 

Emily’s urgency showed on her face as her hand waved side to side and rose from her seat.

Chris Bashaw

The Malibu Seawolves swim club could be considered the city’s secret weapon for competitive swimmers. 

Sporting multiple record-holders from Malibu High, and led by a two-time Olympian, the swim club trains children who have their sights set on improvement in the water. 

“We’ve got the resources, the coaching staff [and] experience to take the swimmers to the highest level,” said Mike Alexandrov, pack leader of the Seawolves. “That’s no doubt.”

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu High School has a new interim principal.

Members of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved on Wednesday, July 16, Dave Jackson, an experienced public school administrator, as Malibu High School’s interim principal.

Jackson comes on board approximately one month following the departure of former Malibu High School principal Jerry Block, who announced his resignation in late May.

Ashleigh Fryer

Scheduled closures of a small section of Pacific Coast Highway are expected to have a big impact for Malibu and its surrounding communities.

Malibu residents may be affected by traffic control measures to be taken along Pacific Coast Highway for approximately one year, beginning April 15, due to construction of the second phase of the City of Los Angeles’ Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer project (CIRS).

Chris Bashaw

Unkept promises

Dear Ms. Lyon and the board of the SMMUSD,

We are writing to you regarding your statement about recent environmental test results.

It was last October when all of us parents and you gathered in the auditorium of Malibu High School and you assured us, moved to tears, that you personally will take care of the looming environmental danger as soon as humanly possible.

Chris Bashaw

It was a lucky find; a battered old book with a green cloth cover embossed with an illustration of a mountain lion and a mule deer, and the title “Malibu.”

The novel, published in 1931, is a fictionalized account of author and naturalist Vance Joseph Hoyt’s experiences raising an orphaned mule deer fawn with a mountain lion kitten in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu High School football coach Ray Humphrey is hoping balance and gained experience will be the keys to his team’s success for the 2014 season.
“Right now we’re a balanced squad, and we definitely didn’t have that last year,” he said, describing the relationship between the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities. “It is definitely a change and good thing to have.”
The Sharks finished last season 0-10, an upset Humphrey said was likely due to a general lack of experience, speed and size among the squad’s comparatively young players.

Chris Bashaw

The Malibu Village was acquired by an East Coast-based real estate investment and management company, Jamestown, for an undisclosed sum Thursday, May 22, after a successful deal with seller KRE Capital, the shopping center’s now-previous owner.

“We went to Jamestown because we thought they could be vested to bring a great retail experience to the community and keep with what our goals were to the community,” said Matt Khoury, KRE Capital founder. “We thought they would be ideally suited as they are probably the top urban retailer expert in the country.”

Ashleigh Fryer

On the west side of Los Angeles, the prevailing cry from real estate agents is that there is no inventory of homes to sell. There seems to be plenty of buyers, even with tight lending policies still in place, and plenty of cash to pump into prime real estate. If only more owners were selling.

Chris Bashaw