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Malibu residents got into a groove during the four-day inaugural Malibu Guitar Festival, which took place nightly Thursday-Sunday, May 14-17, at Casa Escobar Malibu.
All together, the event featured 23 artists and bands who showcased what a guitar can do through a variety of musical styles, ranging from rock to country and blues.

Chris Bashaw

After more than 25 years in business, Lily’s Café has changed very little – if at all.

Tucked in a nook at the Point Dume Village across the walkway from Bank of Books, the cozy café was originally a doughnut shop until the early 1980s, when an 18-year-old Lily Castro acquired the venue and began its transition to a restaurant. 

“Little by little, I made this place a restaurant by adding burritos, hamburgers and tacos to our menu,” Castro said. “My vision was to make this restaurant a family business, and it worked.”

Chris Bashaw

“Should we do this?”

That was the message Estel Day sent Mark Tango on the social networking site, Friendster, in 2004. He lived in Los Angeles, she lived in New York and the pair hadn’t spoken in years. 

“Yup,” was the reply she received. 

The brief exchange was enough for Day to immediately jump on a plane and move back to Los Angeles, where she and Tango would begin work on the “this” they had been dreaming of since they met; the Malibu-based fashion design and music duo, Mark and Estel.

Chris Bashaw

Structural engineer Dave Weiss thought getting planning approval for a repair to a broken pile on a client’s beachfront home in Malibu was going to be an in-and-out process.

After all, with the broken timber, the home was unstable and in danger. A slightly larger (15 inches in diameter, up from 12) concrete pile was sounder, safer and more efficient, according to Weiss, who owns an engineering firm specializing in repair to homes suffering structural damage from the ocean.

Ashleigh Fryer

Members of the non-profit environmental advocacy group Poison Free Malibu and other wildlife advocates were on hand at the Dec. 8 Malibu City Council meeting to support an amendment to the Malibu Municipal Code that would ban deadly anticoagulant rodenticides. But they didn’t need to address the Council, except to express gratitude after the meeting, because the item passed unanimously as part of the consent calendar.

Ashleigh Fryer

Two dozen film enthusiasts had the opportunity to hear acclaimed screenwriter Eric Roth talk about his life and craft on Tuesday, March 31, at the Malibu Salon Series event sponsored by the Malibu Cultural Arts Commission.

The event began with a clip from “The Curious Life of Benjamin Button,” in which a series of seemingly accidental incidents lead to one of the central events in the film.

“Destiny is always part of movies,” Roth said. “Whether it’s an accident or destiny, an accident or planned, depends on if you believe in God.”

Ashleigh Fryer

To her husband, Gary, Alison Richardson’s propensity for experimentation is innate. 

“I had a little inkling that she was a chemist in another life,” Gary said. “I’ve been the tester for everything so far; food, facials, all kinds of stuff. She has a special talent for it.”

In many ways, Alison is a chemist. Donning a white overcoat, reminiscent of laboratory garb, Alison dashes and dabs, mixes and morphs until she has created the ideal combination. The only thing missing from this chemist’s concoctions are chemicals. 

Chris Bashaw

Less than a month after the City of Malibu hosted a Pacific Coast Highway Safety Study meeting, a female pedestrian was killed on PCH during a hit-and-run incident.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 10, 21-year-old Melanie Quinonez of Panorama City was killed after she was allegedly struck by a car driven by 25-year-old Pablo Carranza of Pacoima.

Chris Bashaw

Seaira Moore, senior goalkeeper for the Malibu High School girls soccer team, wasn’t at all interested in sports when she was younger. 

But, her mother, Dina, insisted she play because of a family rule to do so. 

That led to Seaira join the American Youth Soccer Organization, where she was reluctantly placed as a goalkeeper. 

“I didn’t like being goalkeeper at all,” Seaira said. “I actually cried a lot when I was younger because it was a lot of pressure.”

Chris Bashaw

Condominium values have been in steady ascent for the past two-and-a-half years, increasing in Malibu from a median value of $528,000 in 2011 to $827,000 so far in 2014. That calculates to a 57 percent increase.

The median prices during 2012 and 2013 were $665,000 and $795,000, respectively. Price appreciation has been steady and consistent.

Sales units have been about average during the first half of this year, projected to approximately 72 sales after last year brought 79 transactions.

Ashleigh Fryer