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On a night where Malibu High School’s winds and jazz musicians took the stage for their annual spring concert, an era was ending. 

Bill Bixler, teacher of instrumental music, conducted his last concert at the high school on Thursday, May 15. 

“I thought I was going to fall to pieces emotionally,” Bixler said. “But the music does something to you. It rescues you, in a way, emotionally. So I just got inside of the music.”

Chris Bashaw

At its Oct. 13 meeting, the Malibu City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution supporting the proposed 101 freeway wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon, making Malibu the first municipality in the Santa Monica Mountains area to give the project an official vote of confidence. 

Chris Bashaw

To her husband, Gary, Alison Richardson’s propensity for experimentation is innate. 

“I had a little inkling that she was a chemist in another life,” Gary said. “I’ve been the tester for everything so far; food, facials, all kinds of stuff. She has a special talent for it.”

In many ways, Alison is a chemist. Donning a white overcoat, reminiscent of laboratory garb, Alison dashes and dabs, mixes and morphs until she has created the ideal combination. The only thing missing from this chemist’s concoctions are chemicals. 

Chris Bashaw

Seaira Moore, senior goalkeeper for the Malibu High School girls soccer team, wasn’t at all interested in sports when she was younger. 

But, her mother, Dina, insisted she play because of a family rule to do so. 

That led to Seaira join the American Youth Soccer Organization, where she was reluctantly placed as a goalkeeper. 

“I didn’t like being goalkeeper at all,” Seaira said. “I actually cried a lot when I was younger because it was a lot of pressure.”

Chris Bashaw

“His was a voice that had its own footnotes,” Douglas Kmiec, Our Lady of Malibu parishioner, said with a laugh that reverberated through the crowd that filled the movie theater, as his fellow parishioners and neighbors watched Kmiec on screen at the premier of “Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan,” a film documenting OLM’s Mongsignor, the late John V. Sheridan. 

Ashleigh Fryer

In the late 1960s, former Malibu resident Bob Burnside – a career lifeguard with Los Angeles County for more than 30 years – noticed a problem.

When initiating a rescue at Zuma Beach, lifeguards would run with aluminum rescue cans slung around their necks. As the lifeguards would swim out to the victim, the cans would trail behind in tow until the lifeguard would throw them toward the victim to grab ahold of.

Chris Bashaw

10 questions with Trevor Simonian

Trevor is a sophomore strong safety and tight end for the Malibu High School football team.

How did you get involved in football and when did you get started?  

My dad played football and I always wanted to play, too. There were no youth football teams in Malibu, so when I was 11 years old, I started playing for football teams in the Valley, like the Westlake Braves and the Thousand Oaks Titans.

Chris Bashaw

Inside of a slender, rectangular room on the second floor of an unassuming business plaza in Malibu East is “The Pit,” and 15 people stand in a circle awaiting instruction from Hawaiian Kempo chief instructor, Rick Metzler.

The members of the group collectively represent four age groups: 4-6 years old; 6-9 years old; 9-14 years old; and ages 14 and older.

The majority of the group is made up of children, but at least two are in their teenage years and another pair are adults. 

Ashleigh Fryer

More than 300 spectators and participants hailing from different parts of the region congregated at Zuma Beach on Saturday, May 31, to participate in the second annual Ramon Calderon Cup charity volleyball tournament.

Approximately $15,000 was raised for the event through participation fees, a silent auction and donations. All proceeds will help the women’s sand volleyball team at California State University, Northridge build a facility for the team to practice and compete.

Ashleigh Fryer

The Malibu Pier kicked off Halloween evening on Friday, Oct. 31, with activities for children and families to enjoy. 

Malibu Farm offered up a table of pumpkins primed for carving. A Halloween cookie decorating table, petting zoo and live music were also offered up for costumed guests to enjoy.

Ashleigh Fryer