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Growing up in Mareeba, a tiny tobacco town on the rim of the Outback of North Queensland in Australia, Colin Dangaard spent most of his youth chasing brumbies, or wild horses.

“I chased them all my young life instead of going to school,” Dangaard said in a recent phone interview. 

Now it’s movie producers chasing down Dangaard, of Malibu, as his first book, “Talking with Horses” was just optioned for a film. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Representatives from many different Native American tribes came together with thousands of visitors at Malibu Bluffs Park for two days of ceremony, dancing, storytelling and shared community at the City of Malibu’s 17th annual Chumash Day Pow Wow, Saturday April 11 and Sunday, April 12.

Ashleigh Fryer

On a wide and busy street in the San Fernando Valley sits a good-sized car lot that used to be a dealership — a normal dealership that sold normal new cars and didn’t really look different from any other lot. That was, until Malibuite and car lover Ted Moser got a hold of it and turned it into the Picture Car Warehouse. 

PCW is now a top-secret, hidden in plain view, Hollywood car factory that pumps out some of the most incredible rides ever seen. 

Chris Bashaw

What: Five-bedroom, eight-bath architectural estate

Where: 2050 Rambla Pacifico Street

The unconventional design of this home properly named The Temple of Muses, is silhouetted against the Santa Monica Mountains.

The property, located on five acres, overlooks the Pacific Ocean and uses alternating sizes, shapes and colors to make it stand-out from the surrounding landscape.

Ashleigh Fryer

Flanked by stone, a mahogany door with the semblance of a tree sprouting from its base guards the bottom entrance of Gary Richardson’s home in the hills of Malibu.
When sunlight hits the door, it glows golden brown and fades to darker, richer hues of brown as the sun slumps toward the horizon.
In 1996, Richardson set out to build the door – a “Tree of Life” door – for his ailing wife, Adele, who was dying of breast cancer.
“She may have known, but I didn’t know she was dying,” he softly said. “I thought she still had a chance.”

Chris Bashaw

A permit for a proposed medical marijuana facility tied up much of the night on Monday, Sept. 15, during the City of Malibu Planning Commission meeting.

Due to discussion on the medical marijuana dispensary permit – the first item to be discussed during the meeting – lasting past 10 p.m., the seven items of new business on the agenda were moved to a proposed special meeting.

Chris Bashaw

When Tanna Frederick’s PR agent sought me out, I had expectations of the way actresses can be sometimes. 

That said, something about a lady who loves an ‘83 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was intriguing — because cars make people cool. 

So we set up a photo shoot and a meet-up at Malibu Bluffs Park here in the ‘Bu, and that’s how we started this week’s Ride of the Week.

Alex Vejar

10 questions with Jake Nokes

Jake Nokes is a senior center back on the Malibu High School soccer team. 

How did you get involved in soccer and when did you get started?

Chris Bashaw

Have you heard the one about the Malibu teens and youth who walked into City Hall’s Civic Theater and put on an improv comedy show? No? It’s a good one. 

The 19-member comedy troupe composed of Malibu youth and teens, performed spontaneous skits for a crowd of their parents and community members in the theater on Friday, March 13, and were joined by three members of Mission IMPROVable, a professional improv group.

Ashleigh Fryer

A 2-year-old girl died Friday, May 27, after a car driven by her mother turned over near Pepperdine University, said Leland Tang, public information officer of California Highway Patrol West Valley.

The child was found dead in the back seat of the vehicle, which was driven by a 22-year-old woman, Tang said. The woman suffered severe injuries after losing control of her vehicle, which collided with a hillside and turned over, Tang said.  

The woman is being charged with one count of murder in the first degree, Tang said. Other charges could be added at a later time, he said. 

Alex Vejar