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Cas Joseph Kwake — March 6, 1924 - Jan. 10, 2015

Cas Joseph Kwake, 90, of Woodbridge, Virginia, died peacefully Saturday, Jan. 10, in Arlington, Virginia of natural causes. 

Cas was born in Homer City, Pennsylvania to John and Mary (Bobek) Kwake on March 6, 1924.

Chris Bashaw

A candidates forum on Thursday, March 20, co-sponsored by the Malibu Chamber of Commerce and the Malibu Association of Realtors seemed at times more like the Mad Hatter’s tea party than a political debate.
The event opened with the departure of City Council candidate Hamish Patterson.

Chris Bashaw

Malibu’s Juan Cabrillo Elementary School will roll out the red carpet for its annual fundraiser, Fiesta Malibu, with more flourish than ever before on May 4.  

The event, which will feature a video game truck, laser tag, a gladiator joust, face painting, jump tents, contests, live music, prizes and a silent auction, aims to be more inclusive than in previous years, providing activities for all age levels. Italian, Mexican and American food will be available, as well as treats from a coffee bar.

Ashleigh Fryer

To SMMUSD board,

In light of the recent disclosures of high levels of toxins at both MHS and Juan Carbrillo it is imperative that the SMMUSD board clear up a rumor that has been circulated within Malibu by District staff.

District staff has repeatedly told Malibu residents and representatives of the EPA that the District is not able to immediately start the removal of PCBs at the schools due to a Coastal Commission appeal introduced by the Malibu Community Alliance (MCA). This representation is not accurate.

Ashleigh Fryer

As a Ventura County line resident for 28 years — who almost exclusively shops and formerly worked in Camarillo for 10 of those years — I can attest to the inconvenience of PCH’s closure between Yerba Buena and Los Posas.  

Chris Bashaw

The Malibu Tide rolled in to second place at its first USSSA tournament in Chino Hills on Saturday, Nov. 8, and Sunday, Nov. 9.

The Tide fell 12-7 in the championship match after battling its way up to the coveted opportunity to win a title.

The Tide won their first game of the tournament 6-2, but didn’t find the second game so easy to snag. Trailing 4-7 at the top of the sixth inning, a number of well performed hits put the Tide 8-7 at the bottom of the sixth, earning them a chance to battle in the quarterfinal game.

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu resident of 17 years Daniela Schweitzer will celebrated a reception for her 10 pieces of artwork at the Tara Gallery in Santa Monica on Saturday, June 28.

The exhibition will continue for one month, until July 28.

A practicing physician and artist, Schweitzer has always supported the arts in Malibu.

She is currently a member Malibu High School’s Art Angels as well as a member and featured artist of Malibu Artists Unite.

Chris Bashaw

Malibu Surfside News hosts Mother’s Day contest

Everyone’s mother is No. 1 in their book and this is your chance to prove it to all of Malibu. 

Malibu Surfside News is hosting its first Mother’s Day contest and posing to you the question, “What does your mom mean to you?”

You can enter a personal essay or poem, handcrafted picture or sculpture, a homemade video or anything that you think represents what your mother means to you. Show us how amazing she is through your creative outlets.

Chris Bashaw

The Malibu Surfside News and Malibu Chamber of Commerce partnered on Wednesday, Oct. 8, to host a forum for seven candidates running for the four open seats on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education.

The forum was held in the Malibu City Hall Council Chambers.

Each candidate responded to seven questions read by forum moderators Asheligh Fryer – editor of the Malibu Surfside News – and Mark Persson, executive director of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce.

Chris Bashaw

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District was cited on March 12 by the State of California’s Environmental Protection Bureau Pesticide Regulation Division for non-compliance with the proper public notification of pesticides use on the campuses of Malibu Middle and High School.

Chris Bashaw