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A 29-year-old man pleaded no contest July 2 to shooting his Malibu neighbor in the chest, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Deputy District Attorney Brenda Lee said Patrick Leach of Malibu entered the plea to one count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and one count of shooting from a motor vehicle.

Leach also admitted allegations of causing great bodily injury, discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury and discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle causing great bodily injury.

Alex Vejar

Fertile Action, a nonprofit devoted to helping women affected by cancer become mothers, will  host a charity luncheon at the Malibu home of True Religion jeans owner Kym Gold on June 7. 

Created by Alice Crisci after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 and told that her cancer treatments would take away her ability to reproduce, the organization works to connect patients with fertility preservation and infertility services through peer-to-peer support, patient advocacy, reduced fee egg and embryo freezing and insurance advocacy services.  

Chris Bashaw
Get to know Annie Armitage
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The City of Malibu conducted a rare night-time emergency drill with the participation of the City’s volunteer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) on March 3.
During the hour-and-a-half drill led by Malibu Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Davis and organized and directed by volunteer Incident Commander Marshall Thompson, CERT volunteers accessed a secure emergency supplies shipping container that the City keeps outside the Malibu High School campus.

Chris Bashaw
Confusion over rodent poison ban takes center stage at planning meeting.
Alex Vejar

Neptune’s Net doesn’t mess with success. 

That could be why, after more than 50 years in business, the seaside restaurant on the border of the Malibu and Ventura County lines still sells out of the same dishes they pumped through their kitchen on the day it first opened. Classics like fish and chips, clam chowder and the ever-hearty fried Neptune’s sampler plate, loaded with a litany of ocean-fresh options, are the kinds of attractions manager Dan Walden thinks will never go out of style.

Chris Bashaw

Once in a while, something truly great happens in Malibu – something that really breaks through the mold and stands out as something unique in a town that’s unlike any other in California.

About five weeks ago, one of those truly great happenings occurred when Tavern 1 opened in the former La Costa Mission space, down on the eastern end of town. 

Alex Vejar

Casa Escobar made an awesome venue on Aug. 27 for two very happening bands. 

“We like to play at Casa Escobar because we all cut our teeth at the Old Malibu Inn Dume Room Circuit and have not played there for a few years,” said Austin Trujillo, of Angel City Fiddle Squad. “We love the welcoming Malibu audience.”

Angel City Fiddle Squad played their best: “Dead Grandma’s Fiddle,” “Alcohol has Ruined My Life,” “Dirty Dog,” and “Workin’ on the Bail,” as well as classics such as “Proud Mary” with a cow-punching western twist. 

Lauren Finkler

Spring and summer are busy seasons for songbirds. Mates are found, nests are made, and eggs are laid. You may be watching this magic happen in your yard before your eyes. When the moment arrives, and little chicks emerge from their eggs, the parents begin bringing food to the hungry chicks at a frenzied rate. These little guys need to grow exponentially every day. Life is tough being so small. There are many predators searching for easy prey so they must grow up fast!

Lauren Finkler

A man was rescued from Pirate’s Cove near Westward Beach on Sunday, Aug. 9, according to a Facebook post from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station. 

The man sustained a broken leg while hiking in the area and had to be airlifted out of the area, according to the post. 

Capt. Ralston of Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 71 said the man, who was a tourist, was in the surf, where it was possible he came into contact with rocks.

"It was not a fall,” Ralston said of the man’s injury.  

Alex Vejar