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Decades before he was rolling across Los Angeles County in his Cambalache’s Gourmet food truck, Malibu resident Claudio Fernandez was an 11-year-old boy in Argentina, trying to sell cigarettes and candy at a kiosk in a Greyhound bus terminal.

The stream of passengers ebbed and flowed throughout the day almost as predictable as the tide, but Fernandez knew he could get more sales if he stuffed a box with an assortment of items and ventured onto buses as passengers boarded.

Chris Bashaw

Dear Sandra Lyon and SMMUSD Board members,
This is not the first time I’ve contacted you and I am assuming from the conversations still going on for almost two years now, it will not be the last.
We still live in Malibu, but like so many we have chosen to remove our children because the school is unsafe. My children were experiencing symptoms of PCB exposure — they do not have any and have not since we removed them. I could walk away from this problem and say it is not mine because we’ve moved our children, but that would be unethical.

Chris Bashaw

A summer block party celebration will begin at noon-4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 16 at the Malibu Lumber Yard, one of Southern California’s most premiere shopping destinations. 

An afternoon of fun-filled activities and great tunes from 100.3 The Sound.  

Get the hottest look from the Glam Sqaud and a makeover from Aniis Cosmetics.  

Alex Vejar

The Malibu Unification Negotiations Committee on April 5 started its 60-day timetable to reach an agreement regarding financial issues facing a possible split of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. 

SMMUSD Superintendent Sandra Lyon and the Advocates for Malibu Public Schools signed a contract the committee had been negotiating for weeks that ironed out the payment methods of various consultants and lawyers that would be retained by the District or the committee. 

Alex Vejar
JCES job was first and only teaching gig for Baltrushes.
Alex Vejar

Richard Behrle, owner of Computer Pros Malibu, said at the end of the day, he feels like a normal guy overcoming obstacles bigger than him.
For nearly half a decade, Behrle has run his business in Malibu, which helps people solve whatever computer-related problems they have.
“I just like being able to help people,” he said. “I like to look at different approaches to different jobs, and it could be a challenge and fun, but it could also be the complete opposite – but you still have to get through, and I’m a believer in finishing any job I start.”

Chris Bashaw

On Thursday, July 17, Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions announced the acquisition of Areté Estates, a Malibu-based luxury real estate firm.  

Areté Estates Malibu headquarters, located at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Heathercliff Road, will rebrand as Partners Trust and serve as their sixth location in the greater Los Angeles area.

Richard Stearns, Partners Trust co-founder and associate modeled the acquisition after an earlier business move the agency made into Pasadena via another boutique firm. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media

Alex Vejar

On July 31, a woman’s residence on the 21000 block of Pacific Coast Highway was burglarized of an 18-karat gold necklace and bracelet valued at over $90,000. Cash was also taken from her home, including 2,000 euros and $120. The woman believes the suspect is one of several former employees who may have keys to her house.

In other police news: 

July 23

Alex Vejar

The first major retrospective for 84-year-old representational painter David Leffel opened at Pepperdine University’s Frederick R. Weissman Museum on May 14. The artist, often described as a modern student of Rembrandt, was on hand to greet an enthusiastic crowd at the opening reception.  

“It’s not a coincidence that David’s show follows the Andy Warhol exhibition,” Michael Zakian, director of the Weisman Museum, told the Malibu Surfside News. 

Alex Vejar