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For more than 20 years, Judge John Lamont Webster was Malibu’s unofficial Santa Claus, hosting a holiday party at the Malibu Courthouse every year for families in the sparsely inhabited Malibu of the 1930s and ’40s. 

In those early years – after the Malibu Rancho was divided up and sold for development but before the post-WWII building boom began in the 1950s – there were less than a thousand homes and almost no conveniences or easy access to neighboring communities. 

Chris Bashaw

The City of Malibu is looking for a talented artist to bring his or her vision and craft to the City’s public art campaign. The featured artist will design original art to cover four storm drain catch basins in prominent locations throughout Malibu. 

The selected artist will be paid $3,200 to complete original art on four storm drain inlets. This budget will cover all of the artist’s costs including artwork, supplies, installation, and touch-ups if needed for 2 years. The deadline to submit is Feb. 27. 

Chris Bashaw

MariSol, a private residential development in Malibu, sealed the second highest land sale of the year in Malibu for one of their lots on Ellice Street on March 27, according to the Combined Los Angeles/Westside Multiple Listing Service. 

The 43,592-square-foot lot sold for $6.5 million, and is one of three MariSol’s listings in the top five largest land sales for the year. Two other MariSol lots sold for $5.5 million and $3.1 million, both in November of 2013. 

Chris Bashaw

We bet you get a lot of mail every day — information you requested, bills you’d prefer to ignore and every Wednesday you get your community newspaper, the Malibu Surfside News.

This week, you’ll be getting a letter from the Surfside News Editor, Ashleigh Fryer, that we want to be sure you open. The letter has a simple but important purpose: we need your requester card.

It is a requirement set forth by the U.S. Postal Service that we get cards renewed every three years.

Chris Bashaw

The City of Malibu Parks and Recreation Department is offering a number of sports summer camps and activities for children throughout the months of July and August.

Flag Football Camps

Flag football camp will deliver classic gridiron action in a fun and invigorating training environment. 

Instructors will focus on the core skills of passing, catching and defensive positioning. The objective is to prepare campers to be true champions on and off the gridiron.

Chris Bashaw


Fireball Tim Lawrence

This week’s Pet of the Week is Sammy, owned by Fireball Tim Lawrence of Malibu.

Sammy is a 5 year old CockerPoo.

“She spends her days thinking of, dreaming of and going to the beach in search of a ball,” Fireball said. “Nothing else exists except for food and treats. Ah, it’s a Malibu dog’s life.”

Chris Bashaw

Preliminary plans for a controversial three-house subdivision project on a ridgeline above Escondido Canyon Park in unincorporated Malibu have attracted extensive criticism from area residents at a recent scoping session. Now, the plans have also raised a red flag with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, despite the fact that the agency could receive 73 acres of the 88-acre parcel for open space if the project is approved. 

Chris Bashaw

The City of Malibu, Pepperdine University and Malibu Chamber of Commerce will host the 15th Annual Malibu Veterans Day Public Ceremony from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at Legacy Park.

The event will feature a number of guests, such as elected officials as well as currently active and veterans of the United States armed forces.

Ashleigh Fryer

Despite only winning one out of five games in the LaSalle Tournament, Malibu High School boys varsity basketball coach Richard Harris is ready for his team to compete in league play.
“To me, it was a great tournament for us,” Harris said. “Although the record doesn’t dictate the actual feeling our team has, what we were able to accomplish from it was really good.”
Harris said playing against tough competition during the tournament showed the team the level they’ll have to play at if they wanted to compete in the playoffs.

Chris Bashaw

Ellen Shane, Malibu resident and co-founder of the Emily Shane Foundation and the Successful Education Achievement Program with her husband, Michele, knows that growing a nonprofit organization from the ground up is no small feat. 

“I’m at a crossroads,” Ellen said. “This grew faster than I thought, but I want to continue to grow it properly and smartly. We can’t grow anymore in terms of area until we have the right infrastructure.”

Chris Bashaw