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Jennifer Piette’s 11-year-old daughter hunted around the kitchen in search of an after-school snack. There wasn’t a potato chip or cookie to be found. 

“She said, ‘I want chicken fingers,’” Piette recalled, laughing.

So Piette went to her refrigerator and took out a chicken breast from a local farmer in Santa Ynez. Then she walked over to her pantry and pulled out a bag of Sonora Wheat flour grown in Hollister, California, a dozen eggs from Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, California and a crusted loaf of artisan bread. 

Chris Bashaw

At its April 13 meeting, the Malibu City Council unanimously approved an additional $33,000 for the Environmental Impact Report for the Whole Foods in the Park project.

“Since the applicant pays the costs of the EIR, it is necessary to amend the Developer Reimbursement Agreement to reflect the increase in the Project budget,” an agenda report for the item states. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Steve Soboroff might consider himself lucky to remember the day he began to think about the ways he could improve a community.

When his eldest son was 3 years old, Soboroff took him to a park in the Pacific Palisades. Soboroff was playing with his son on the playground equipment, where he eventually hit his head hard enough that he began to bleed.

A slightly dazed Soboroff walked to the park’s office, where he asked for a Band-Aid. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu High School students were honored on Thursday, Nov. 5, for their imagination, creativity and interpretation of the 2015-16 MHS PTSA Reflections program, “Let Your Imagination Fly.”

During the event, MHS principal Brandon Gallagher spoke about the importance of art at the school, and encouraged students to continue creating and expressing themselves through art.

A record number of students participated in the program this year, and were able to bring the theme to life in a personal and meaningful way.

Alex Vejar

It was a very special evening for the Malibu Coast Music Festival at the Montgomery Art House for Music and Architecture on Friday, Aug. 21, in Malibu.

The house resonated with classical chamber music including opera, Irish folk, and a live accompaniment to a Mary Pickford silent movie called “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”

It was set in a unique environment of architecture and acoustics with a broad international audience, including the architect and designer Eric Wright, who summed up the night as “marvelous.” 

Alex Vejar
Trails, youth athletics and preservation are expected priorities within the Malibu Bluffs Parkland Master Plan.
Alex Vejar

For Max Watkin, visualizing goals is the first step to accomplishing them. 

On the small scale, the former Malibu High School boys soccer goalkeeper said imagining success means visualizing himself blocking an incoming kick; on a larger scale, it means keeping himself focused on his goals, like playing Division 1 college or perhaps even professional soccer.

So far, the first goal is accomplished: Watkin will play as a Division 1 goalkeeper for San Diego State University this fall, where he’ll study broadcast communications.

Alex Vejar

Malibu High School’s Frankie Seeley won the high school Scholastic Surf Series season in longboard this season and went on win the West Coast season championships at the Western Surfing Association. 

Seeley was also honored with the WSA season champion title for the season and the National Scholastic Surfing Association’s women’s shortboard championship and regional titles in her division.


Ashleigh Fryer

Members of the Malibu High School baseball team came close to breaking their recent losing streak on Wednesday, April 9, against league opponent Santa Paula, who bested them in eight innings, 4-3. 

“We were one pitch away from this win,” Sharks head coach Ari Jacobs said.

Ashleigh Fryer

The Zuma Project took place on the beach in front of Malibu High School every Thursday. Longtime teacher Robert Perry taught us students how to conduct a long-term science project in our own environment. I learned how to record scientific data, make graphs, and discuss changes in data over a long period of time. Also, several other students and I would pull a fine mesh net on a surfboard to gather plankton for Perry’s biology class and get the temperature of the bottom of the ocean.

Chris Bashaw