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Malibu City Council awards grant money
Planning Commission: Telecom facility, antenna discussion tabled till July 18
City Council: Resident’s 45-foot-tall sculpture deemed a structure, subject to City height restrictions
City Council: Wastewater treatment plant construction to begin in July
City Council: Malibu’s pesticide ban on indefinite hold
City earns award for transparency in financial reporting
Parks and Recreation Commission: Pesticide use recommended
Fourth year of City’s Spring Recital set for May 21
City Council: Window closing to join Measure R appeal
Planning Commission: Compliance hearing held for Malibu marijuana dispensary
Residents say public hiking trails are mapped through private properties
Malibu Planning Commission examines CCWTF property
City Council: Nonprofit grant program could see significant increase
ZORACES: City seeks clarity in development definitions
Mayor talks Measure R, schools, other big issues in State of the City address
City Council: Surfrider considered as part of historical district
Planning Commission: It's back to business as usual for Commission
Feldman named new city manager
City Council: Parking Lot Safety Standards Ordinance passes muster
Planning Commission: Chain store ordinance still sits in apparent limbo
Former Malibu mayor airs grievance during party
City of Malibu to celebrate 18th intertribal powwow
City Council: Minimum wage will rise
Longtime residents remember Malibu’s transition into cityhood
Founding residents say there’s need for greater voter turnout