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Dining Out

Sauce is key ingredient in Spruzzo filet mignon
The Dish: Festive fall flavors abound in Ollie's Duck and Dive specials
The Dish: The Sunset offers a little taste of Italy
Duke’s capitalizes on a fresh direction
Specialty pizza is owner’s fave at Mangia
The Dish: As fresh as it gets
The Dish: Summer brings lamb steaks to Marmalade Cafe
A fresh look on an open-face sandwich
The Dish: New restaurant location for Malibu Farm owner
The Dish: D’Amore’s Pizza Bianco goes off the beaten path
The Dish: Coral Beach Cantina makes it special
Gravina serves up off-menu items
Ollo brings unique flavor to Malibu dining
The Dish: Lunch is relaxed at V’s Restaurant and Bar
The Dish: A unique twist on a Mexican classic at Casa Escobar
Bui brings sweet and tangy to sushi world
The Dish: Zooma Sushi follows customers’ lead
Malibu Kitchen serves up salmon variety
The Dish: Neptune’s Net shows off hidden gems
Reel Inn offers ‘Fish and Chips Wednesday’ deal
The Dish: Malibu Farm brings new life to the pier
The Dish: Geoffrey’s offers different take on paella
The Dish: Kristy’s creates signature burger for signature customers
Make tonight a Kaishin Night
The Dish: Tramonto staff has experience on its side